Released 2004


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Number: 12

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Emily is a female engine who was released to Take-Along. She has buffers at both ends. She's the Number 12 Green Engine. She is laking detail on the back of her and front of her tender. Her buffer are black instead of brown. Instead of being 4-2-2 Emily is 2-2-2.She was in full CGI in season 1,

Trivia Edit

  • She has buffers at both ends.
  • She is lacking detail in her cab and the front of her tender.
  • Her buffers are black instead of white except on her metallic model.
  • Instead of her configuration being 4-2-2, Emily is 2-2-2.
  • Her tender magnets are switched making the tender face backwards.
  • She has red bufferbeams instead of brown.


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