Play-scenes with DVD is a series that came with a DVD, an engine, track, and some accessories that was released March/April/May 2004.

and spetember/October 2006


There are Seven-Deluxe Play Scenes with Lots of DVDs. And there are 7 characters that has one episode from the seasons

Percy Takes the Plunge Edit

  • Surprised-Face Percy
  • Track with Water
  • Adaptor Track
  • Breaker-Stop Gate
  • Danger Sign

James and the Trouble with Trees Edit

  • Frightened-Face James
  • Track with Falling-Tree
  • Red Hammer

Thomas and The Special Letter Edit

  • Surprised-Face Thomas
  • Track Hill
  • Warning Gate
  • Breaker-Brick Wall

Henry and The Elephant Edit

  • Angry-Face Henry
  • Track with Bucket
  • Elephant
  • Tunnel

Gordon Takes A Tumble Edit

  • Surprsied-Face Gordon
  • Track with Two-Holes
  • Two Yellow Barrels
  • Go Slow Sign

Thomas to The Rescue Edit

  • Angry-Face Diesel
  • Yellow Flat Bed
  • Track
  • Diesel Fuel on Side Track

Emily's Adventure Edit

  • Angry-Face Emily
  • Track
  • Two Cows
  • Low-Hill
  • Big Purple Wheel


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