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This is a Wiki on Take-Along. Take-Along started production in 2002 and was replaced by "Take-N-Play" in 2010. Thomas & Friends Adventures Started in 2017. Collectable Railway started in 2014 who had the Fisher Price and Diacast Metal. Their Wheels are Plastic and Not Removeable. The 2002 Model First had Their Magnets who are Metal. The 2017 Model First Had Hooks who Rotate side to side. The Pamplets have a Box who is Removed and Sold. The Years 2002-2009 had Thomas Take along. The Years have Dates of Mattel


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Here, you can find information about Take-Along, and its items. Feel free to add and edit pages! Don't be shy! But before you do, read the rules. Characters

Engines Edit

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Narrow Guage Edit

Culdee Fel Railway Edit

Arlesdale Railway Edit

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Talking Engines Edit

Talking Thomas

Talking Edward

Talking Henry

Talking Gordon

Talking James

Talking Percy

Talking Toby

Talking Emily

Talking Salty

Talking Diesel

Talking Diesel 10

Lights and Sounds Engines Edit

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