Blue Mountain Mystery 3

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  • Blue Mountain Mystery 3

    I have created this episode:


    Sir Handel puffs always in the Skarloey lines, he is very happy taking coal trucks and passengers, Mr. Percival was in the yard with Skarloey, Rusty and Duncan, Sir Handel was happy to get a work, then, he puffed on! but Mr. Percival was telling him to take coal because it was a very long trip, but Sir Handel was not listening

    When he puffed on, he passed over the rail lake, the rail lake was very very small, smaller than a walk path, then he found Peter Sam going in the right line, Sir Handel was also in the right line!, then troubles start, Peter Sam runned with the band music, and Sir Handel roll backwards with a coal truck, they enter to a tunnel, and they passed through stations, tunnels, bridges until …

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